Team Facilitation

I facilitate regular team meetings for frontline workers of community organizations, building on their already existing strengths, and increasing trust and unity over time. I help to provide focus and support regarding complex clients and where multiple clinicians and services might be involved. Team facilitation can be requested on an as-needed or ongoing monthly basis.

I assist teams by:

  • Developing or enhancing skills to build rapport and empathy with clients
  • Raising the visibility of forgotten or overshadowed core strengths of teams and their members
  • Ensuring team members don’t feel alone holding challenging caseloads
  • Deepening emotional attunement with clients
  • Finding ways to preserve, nurture, and sustain the passion teams have for their clients and community transformation
  • Working together with client-centred and ethical values
  • Honouring ethnicity and culture, building awareness of biases and prejudices
  • Increasing self-care in the face of compassion fatigue

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