Counselling for Front Line Mental Health and Community Workers

As a front-line mental health and community worker, you may carry a large caseload, have complex high-risk clients, and work within systems that can conflict with personal values.

Many of us feel:

  • stuck in broken and strained systems
  • self-doubt, second-guessing our work capabilities
  • angry, anxious and/or fatigued
  • struggling to cope at home and work
  • sleep-deprived
  • an increase in social isolation
  • a distancing from intimate relationships
  • impacted by power and privilege in relationships
  • that we need more support and understanding than we are getting

Now might be a good time to reach out. My hope is that you do not stay silent and instead place importance on the quality of your own mental health. I provide a safe(r), non-judgmental, and supportive therapeutic space where we can replenish self-compassion and affirm the importance of focusing on what matters the most.

I work with counsellors, managers, practicum students, doctors, transition house and outreach staff, intake team members and other community workers.

Our process begins with a 20-30 minute phone intake. Here you have the chance to ask questions, discuss scheduling and deal with administrative details. Appointments are either by phone or video.

I am a member in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Fees for service are generally in line with rates for counsellors in BC.

I invite you to speak with me if my fees present a challenge.

If you have extended health insurance, my services may be covered. Please check with your provider to confirm coverage of services by a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

Contact me for an appointment or for more information: