Consultation Support for Community Agencies & Workers

I provide clinical support for frontline workers and leaders of community organizations. I coordinate with your organization to create the opportunity for us to have regular one-to-one consultations that are confidential and not connected with any performance evaluation.

Together we make space for you to:

  • Build personal capacity to prevent burnout or compassion fatigue
  • Nurture and sustain your passion for the work
  • Remember and renew confidence, helpful skills, and competence
  • Acknowledge the load you carry and the emotions you feel while supporting the clients you serve, the organization, and other team members
  • Honour ethnicity and culture, building awareness of biases and prejudices

Feel free to contact me if you are a:

  • Frontline community worker
    (such as peer support worker, program coordinator, intake worker, or outreach support worker)


  • Community organization leader
    (manager, team lead, executive director)

For more in-depth information please email me at