Having worked in private practice for many years, I have a deep understanding of the multiple layers of stress and sense of aloneness counsellors can carry.

In our work together we stay closely focused on:

    • Client consultation support
    • Gaining greater awareness of personal issues or triggers that may interfere in your ability to provide effective and objective service to clients
    • Continually examining your beliefs and attitudes regarding clients and therapy
    • Mindfulness to integrate cultural sensitivity into your practice
    • Challenging ethical dilemmas and ensuring professional ethical standards and boundaries are understood and maintained
    • Building prevention strategies to avoid burnout or compassion fatigue
    • Addressing standards, expectations and personal barriers with documentation (session notes and assessments)
    • Regularly assessing the benefits, suitability and goals within our supervision or consulting relationship
    • Exploring how to upgrade knowledge and skills to advance professional development
    • Monitoring when personal therapy may need to be activated with another professional

At our initial meeting we will collaboratively create a Supervision Contract, its purpose being to set out your needs and goals, and to serve as a resource for our work together. 

The contract will also outline:

    • Length of sessions
    • Choice and frequency of sessions
    • Whether sessions will be in person or using web or telephone connections
    • Supervision parameters

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