Professional clinical supervision and client consultation brings great benefits to your front-line mental health workers/counsellors and to your organization generally.

In my experience supervision and consultation provides an opportunity to:

    • Process difficult client cases in a non threatening environment
    • Dedicate time to high risk and complex clients which are often too difficult and time consuming to address during the regular work day
    • Integrate a clinical approach with the principles your agency is modeled on and front line professionals personal approaches
    • Understand where gaps of knowledge and skills exist and how to bridge these gaps
    • Explore areas of transference and countertransference
    • Respond to ethical issues in a timely manner and ensure professional ethical standards and boundaries are understood and maintained
    • Receive mentoring, emotional support, and information and guidance
    • Build prevention strategies to avoid burnout or compassion fatigue
    • Address standards, expectations and personal barriers with documentation (session notes and assessments)

In my initial meeting with your organization, I conduct a needs assessment and gather knowledge on what clinical counselling supervision supports would best serve and support your organization’s front line mental health workers and clients.

We create a Consultation or Clinical Supervision Contract which can service both your organization and meet your funders’ needs, as well as take into account the specific, and sometimes unspoken needs of your front line mental health professionals.  

Regular clinical supervision or consultation typically takes place at the organization’s office. I offer both individual sessions to your front line mental health professionals as well as group client consultation sessions.

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My experience in clinical counselling and supervision as well as in organizational management enable me to offer clinical supervision to your staff as they prepare to meet new standards in a process towards accreditation and maintain standards for already existing accreditation.

Front line staff may feel intimidated or skeptical when new standards are introduced into a counselling program. Having clinical supervision support in place, while changes are implemented, helps ease the strain and enhance staff commitment to new systems and accreditation standards. 

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I offer supervision to students who are completing Masters in counselling programs. I have worked with students enrolled at Simon Fraser University, University British Columbia, Adler School of Psychology, and City University.

If you are in the process of doing your practicum, co-facilitating groups, or seeing individual clients at an agency and needing regular supervision (either as an educational requirement or because you believe you would benefit), we will collaboratively create a Supervision Contract. The purpose of this contract will be to set out your needs and goals, and to serve as a resource for our work together. 

The contract will also outline:

    • Length of sessions
    • Choice and frequency of sessions
    • Whether sessions will be in person or using web or telephone connections
    • Supervision parameters

I offer agency rates or an individual sliding scale fee. We can discuss this further in person.

I have a strong interest in working with front line mental health teams, social service agencies, and non-profit organizations.

I provide consultation on a one-off basis or facilitate regular team meetings on an ongoing basis. I engage the whole team in client consultation specifically where support is most necessary with complex clients, and where multiple clinicians and services might be involved. I work with teams to help them build on their already existing strengths, increasing team trust and unity over time. 

Areas in which I assist teams are:

    • Ensuring they don’t feel alone holding challenging caseloads
    • Raising the visibility of forgotten or overshadowed core strengths of a team and its members
    • Working together with client-centered and ethical values
    • Building professional competencies
    • Developing or enhancing counselling skills
    • Advancing emotional attunement with your clients
    • Increasing self care in the face of compassion fatigue

I offer agency rates or an individual sliding scale fee. We can discuss this further in person.

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